Chris has experience starting, operating, and marketing multiple businesses. His expertise is in helping entrepreneurs develop business systems that fit their lifestyle so they can allocate time for family and hobbies while building wealth.



Chris started his first business, ScreenGuardz, while an undergraduate student in business at Utah Valley University. He went to school full time, taking 15-18 credit hours all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays while working at Staples 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. He later sold his ownership in ScreenGuardz.

After working for Staples in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for a brief period as an Operations Manager, Chris decided to pursue an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird University in Glendale, Arizona. While wrapping up his MBA, he co-founded a consulting company, working with large pharmaceutical and financial services companies, focusing on market research and competitive intelligence.

Chris has always loved learning and teaching, and knew he would need a PhD to teach at the university level. He decided to apply to Cranfield University in England in order to gain more international experience. He focused on entrepreneurship and began teaching part time at the undergraduate and master's level at the University of Northampton. He taught classes in economics and entrepreneurship.

After two years and completing a Master's in Research Methods at Cranfield University, Chris received an offer to teach at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship near Melbourne, Australia. He and his family lived in Australia for three years and loved the people and beautiful surroundings. He completed his PhD in entrepreneurship before pursuing his next entrepreneurial venture.